Friday, August 2, 2013

Five for Friday and WINNERS!

Oh-em-GEE what a week! I have been in full swing, non-stop classroom mode, so I apologize that I never got the chance to post our birthday giveaway winners! I'm pretty sure all of you have been contacted, but just in case you missed the email, you can see the winners here, and let us know if we missed you!

So I'm pretty excited to be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first Five for Friday !

So here is some of the randomness that is my life:

1. As I said, I have been in FULL BLOWN classroom makeover mode. I mean, I should have just bought a sleeping bag and moved in! I don't know what I have been thinking all summer, but for some reason I decided {at the last minute might I add} to completely re-do EVERYTHING in my classroom! For the past three years I have griped about the furniture in my classroom, the layout of my classroom, the lack of variety of ways I could set up my classroom, pretty much everything involving my classroom! So, seeing all these blog posts, pins, instagram pics, etc... has inspired me to completely re-vamp my style! So step # 1.....
I decided to paint my shelves! Yes, we start school in less than 2 weeks, NBD. :) 
Let's just say I have the best husband EVER.

Don't worry I did help, I just had to snap a picture...or 2...or 5! ;)
Please ignore anything you see in the background, as I said...TOTAL makeover! 
There will be more pictures to come, even though it's crunch time, I am DETERMINED to make this classroom look the way I want it to! 

2. I started teaching Turbo Kick! at the gym and I LOVE it!! I have just been subbing for people on vacation this summer, but am hoping to have my own class this fall! It's such a great workout and since I am a dancer I love that it has great music and some dancey moves to it! It's also a great stress relief! I mean, what can relieve your frustrations better than punching and kicking the air?? Might as well burn some calories while you do it! :) You should definitely check it out if you get the chance! 
And this is what I feel like afterward...but it's worth it! :)

3. I made my own puff poms!! I am so excited! I have always wanted to use them in my room, but they are kinda pricey at the store, so I've usually refrained. Then I saw Jessica's tutorial from The Second Grade Nest and decided to make my own! It worked out great! They're not as puffy as hers because I was running low on tissue paper, but they are perfect to label my tables with!! :)

Can't wait to hang these little guys up! 

4. I am totally OBSESSED with this chevron scrapbook paper I got from Hobby Lobby! Oh the possibilities!!

5. I finally figured out my back to school presents for my kiddos! Every year I procrastinate this little detail, and end up having to come up with something at the last minute...not this year! I saw these little pencil boxes at Wal-Mart for 97 cents each, and decided to swipe them up and give them a little pizazz! I also bought 2 pencils for each child at the Target dollar spot to put inside with a little cute note! This way, they will have something to keep their pencils and other supplies in all year long, and it will be perfect for when we have to switch classes with the other first grade class! (I teach both Religions, my partner teaches both Sciences)

So, there ya have it! I am sorry these were basically ALL teacher related, but like I has pretty much been my life this week, so not much else to report! I am hoping to wrap it up this week so I can have some end-of-summer-break-fun things to share with you! :) Happy Weekend, friends! I hope you have a great one!