Monday, January 28, 2013

Linking Up With Love

Hi there, friends! I hope you all have had a fantastic weekend! It's crazy how quickly they zoom by, but there was no case of the usual Monday blues for this girl today! I for one was SO excited to go to school this morning! After being sick and quaratined for the greater part of last week, and taking care of a now sick husband all weekend, I was so ready to put make up on, actually fix my hair, and put on an outfit that does not involve sweat pants or a hood. {I know, what has gotten into me??} Further more, I am ready for a great week with my sweeties, and am so excited to share some of the new stuff I've been working on! This week is also Catholic Schools Week, which most teachers at my school tend to get put out with during all the schedule changes and hyperactivity-promoting activities we do, but I for one LOVE Catholic Schools Week! Yes, I will agree it gets a little agrivating to feel like you've gotten nothing accomplished and to have your students pumped up from all the excitement which once again causes you to get nothing accomplished, but honestly it's one week, the kids LOVE it, and it's a great week to celebrate our school and be thankful for their parents for sending them there! So don't get used to this, but I was actually EXCITED...on a MONDAY morning, to go back to WORK! Crazy, right??

Moving on, I am linking up with Tessa from Tales From Outside the Classroom for her Linking Up With Love Linky Party!

With all of the craziness of life, sometimes we forget to really sit down and appreciate God's blessings, both big and little. I don't know if it's the fact that it's almost Valentine's Day, being a newlywed, recent tragedies, or just plain old growing up, but I have spent the past few weeks REALLY thinking of and thanking God for how lucky I am. I have so much to be thankful for, and it's so easy to get caught up in all the "poor pitiful me" moments in life that I don't take enough time to really cherish all of the blessings in my life...until now! So just as a little disclaimer: this post may be a little on the mushy side, and with that, maybe a little long! :)
Here are just a few of MANY things that I love about my life and am so thankful for!
1. My crazy, silly, wonderfully beautiful family.
I would be absolutely nothing without the love and support of these amazing people. Since we're all growing up, spreading out, and moving on, large family pictures are hard to come by, so I will just share a few random smaller group shots! {Keep in mind, not all pictures are recent, so excuse any bad hair or tragic outfits!}
My sister Becca, Mom, Me, My Brother Stephen, and my sweeeet baby nephew and Godson Tanner!

Dad, Mom. Stephen, Becca, Me
Me, Becca, Sister-In-Law- Nicole, and Stephen
Stephen, Becca, Me

My baby sister's senior prom!
My college graduation! Had to add sweet little Papaw in there..Rest His Soul <3
The single most inspirational people in the entire world. I have the best parents anyone could ever ask for. They have loved and supported me through everything I have done, making so many sacrifices along the way. Nothing I have accomplished in my life would be possible without these two incredible role models!
1B. My High School Sweetheart/Love of My Life...A.K.A.- My FABULOUS Husband!
There are no words to describe my feelings for this man! We started dating when we were 15 years old, freshmen in HIGH SCHOOL! {10 years ago!!} Never in a million years as a hormonal lovesick teenager would I ever imagine to get so lucky. We have been through so much together: 4 years of high school, {filled with all your typical teenage romance horror stories which would usually end in, "And THAT'S why no one ever ends up with the person they dated in high school"}, 4 years at two separate colleges 3 hours apart {DEFINITELY wasn't easy, but so worth it!}, and so much more inbetween! After two years of being out of college while he was in nursing school, we finally got engaged in October of 2011, and married this past October 13! Let me tell you, absolute BEST day of my life!! I got to marry my absolute best friend, with all my friends and family, and the most PERFECT wedding I could ever ask for! I cannot tell you guys how happy I am and blessed I feel. We have grown up together, learned so much, and he continues to take care of me everyday, no matter what! I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

"Tool" Couples Shower this summer

End of the night- lookin a little rough, but one of the only non-professional picture of the two of us I have on my computer!!!
2. My Female Soulmates, My sisters, My BEST FRIENDS!
These girls are literally the answer to all of my prayers. Have you ever heard the saying "You'll Never Find Anyone As Weird As You Are" ? Well, I have been blessed enough to have found 7 of them that are. My best friends from college, who I have also been through so much with, and will support and defend until the day I day. Our sisterhood bond is something that is undescribable and can never be broken. I love these girls with my whole heart, and am so blessed to have found such a strong bond with such incredible women.

Yes, they brought a cardboard cutout of Zac Efr...Ahem...I mean Troy Bolton to my wedding. He lived with us four two years in both our college apartment and house, so it was only appropriate for him to come dance with us. See what I mean about that whole weird thing? LOVE IT!!!

Can't forget my high school girls! I have known these girls since the beginning of time and no matter how much time goes by or distance gets between us, things will never change!! :)
3. Ok, so I've already had a family post, but I HAVE to mention my inseperable bond with my sister, my best friend!

{Disclaimer: When you are shopping with your sister, and you both buy the same shirt because you will "never wear it at the same place", don't wear it to meet her on Black Friday when you are spending the night out of town and only bring one shirt...she WILL be wearing it too!! :)

4. BEING MARRIED!! (See number 1B, for shortening's sake!)
I seriously do not know WHAT I would do if I hadn't discovered teaching blogs. This has been the single most incredible thing to happen to me. I know I am just now getting around to spreading the wealth and actually posting my products, but I have fallen in love with teaching all over again through all of your spectacular ideas and creative lessons! I would like to thank each and every one of you for that! :)
6. Teachers Pay Teachers
For the same reason, this site has made me fall in love with teaching all over again! I have found so many cool ways to do so many things! I can't wait to start posting my items and returning the favor.
Now normally I would continue on with some of my more vain loves like TV Shows, movies, actors, clothes, etc...and there will be plenty of time for all that, but today, I'm in such a loving and thankful mood, I'm gonna keep it strictly mushy and ridiculously cheesy!
But ya know what? I encourage you to do the very same! Go link up with Tessa and tell us who/what you love! <3 Tis the Season!!! 

Whew, ok told ya that might be long! I am going to hit the hay though, it is WAY past my bed time! I hope you all had a decent if not wonderful Monday! Check back later this week for more products and a giveaway!!
Much Love,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Drum Roll Please!!

Ok Friends, This post is going to be short and sweet but contains LOTS of exciting news!!

So maybe this whole being sick thing wasn't so bad afterall! Who am I kidding? It was HORRIBLE, but today I was feeling MUCH better so I was able to be very productive!!

So you know normally I would love to type out some dramatic lead up to the news I am about to share with you...but I simply CANNOT wait!!

See? I told you it was exciting! Now, I only have one product up so far, but it's a freebie so you should DEFINITELY go check it out! Also, here's where I need your help. I was having some line-up issues and wasn't sure if it was just my OCD me that noticed or if it really is a problem. That being said, if you do choose to download the sheet, notice any glitches at all, and could let me know, that would be OH-SO-FABULOUS! Here's a preview of my Contraction Freebie! Please go visit my TpT store to snag a copy, and please PLEASE let me know what you think! I am brand new at this so don't be afraid to hurt my feelings! I need all the feedback I can get!
To snag this freebie, visit my TpT Store!
Ok lovely friends, thank you so much for your patience, and I am so excited the time is already here! I have been working really hard on a few units, so please check back within the next couple of days for some more surprises! {HINT: a giveaway will DEFINITELY take place!}
Ok, I seriously need to get some sleep considering I am going back to work in 7 hours! I can't wait to finally be normal again!
Have a wonderful Friday, friends!
Much Love,
Chelsea Rose

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Well my teacher friends, the time has finally come for me. The time that I never took seriously because it "never happens to me". The time that I read about on blogs, hear stories about from friends, and quietly sit and think "thank GOODNESS that time will never come for me!" I have actually come down with...wait for it....ready....THE FLU. Now let me just tell you, this has been extremely hard for me to accept because I have always prided myself on NEVER, I mean EVER being sick. I mean REALLY sick. Sure, I had stomach viruses when I was younger, and I get sinus infections just about every time the season changes, but never, have I EVER had the flu. Like, EVER. {yes I am 17 and love me a good Taylor Swift reference every now and then}...Wanna know the worst part? I can honestly say I have no one to blame but myself. {Another hard thing for me to accept.}

It all started last Friday morning when I thought I was coming down with another season's sinus infection. I had all the classic symptoms: interchangeably stuffy/runny nose, scratchy throat, and that little dry spot under my nose from blowing into a tissue 30 times a day ....all the while running around trying to accomplish the one million and a half things I had to do all weekend: get my hair done, work the gate at a high school basketball game, shop for throw pillows, do laundry, grocery, all the normal stuff...Moral of the story, I spent my entire weekend muttering my famous last words, "I don't have time to be sick", instead of resting and taking medicine, thinking that it would eventually go away on its own like it usually does. Well, guess what....IT DIDN'T! I went to bed at 9:30 last night thinking "this is it. All I have to do is go to bed early and this thing will finally be gone!" Well, guess what.... IT ISN'T! I woke up this morning feeling worse than ever and even tried to go into school, long enough to get sent home and get some sub plans together. All I can say, is thank GOODNESS for Amanda's Sub Tub and Rachelle's Substitute Survival Kit. I bought the survival kit last winter and won the sub tub in a giveaway last spring and even though I rarely take sick days, they have both come in handy for other reasons, and especially now!

Now I have to sit here and be mad at myself because I can't do anything!!  I have been quarantined to my little sick spot my sweet husband so wonderfully set up for me this morning while I was sleeping! He knows me all too well and knows that I get to a point where I simply CANNOT lay in bed for another second! I am definitely to that point, as of...6 hours ago! The icing on the cake? I AM MISSING THE 100TH DAY TOMORROW!!! I LOVE the 100th day and I am so terribly bummed that I won't be there to celebrate it with my little sweeties tomorrow! All the teachers are even going to dress like they are 100 and I, of course, will be sitting right here, in my hideous but ridiculously comfy chair-and-a-half feeling like I am 100 instead of looking like it! Me= NOT HAPPY!

Ok, enough with the pity party and shouty capitals. I promise I'm done, and I am going to accept this flu like a champ. On to more important things! I mentioned in my last post a possible Blogger Meet Up, and I think one is in place, so I will let you know more details as soon as I do! Also, since I am finally able to hold my head up for a longer period of time, I am hoping there will one positive to sitting in confinement tomorrow. I am hoping to catch up on the following things:

My Tuesday night shows that I missed last night while I was "Not having time to get sick" {Thank heavens for DVR} and had to throw last week's episode of Nashville in there because I never got time to sit down and watch it!
<------Yes.....I know I'm 12. Don't judge.

2. Blooming Into First Grade is getting a makeover! All thanks to  Dream Like Magic Blog Designs! So tomorrow, I'm hoping finally having time to sit down and figure it all out, whatever the reason may be, will allow me to actually get started on everything. Now, not sure how quality things will be until I can actually lift my head for more than the 10 minutes it has taken me to write this post, but just know, that it's all in progress!
Ok, I guess I really do have to try to get some more rest now, I promise I have actually learned my lesson this time!!

I hope you are all staying healthy, and please check back periodically for changes, and hopefully a new TPT store to go to!!

Much Love,

Chelsea Rose

Thursday, January 3, 2013


WOW! I can't believe it's been this long since I have posted! I hope everyone had a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy New YearThings have been CRAZY busy around here lately with the wedding, honeymoon, moving, and well...being married! On the short update side I am LOVING married life and still having sort of a rough year with my group...the longer update side will have to wait since I am currently at 8:30...over break...trying to get my life together before we start school on Monday! I have so much to share and so much advice to ask for...which brings me to the reason for my post...

Last year I attended a blogger meet up in Cincinnati, OH organized by Michelle and Abby and it was absolutely FANTASTIC!! I had so much fun and met so many new people. Now, I know I am pretty unknown in the blogger community but I would REEEEEALLLY like to have another one, and would love to organize one. I would like to have at least 10 bloggers there, but more are always welcome. So, this brings me to the million dollar question...Is anyone interested in coming?!? Once again, I am very unknown and am probably typing to no one at the moment, but I thought I'd give it a shot! I am in a pretty central location in Indiana and would be pretty willing to have it in any of the following cities: Louisville(KY), Florence(KY), Indianapolis(IN), Clarksville(IN), Lawrenceburg(IN), Cincinnati(OH). Please please let me know if anyone is interested, I am open to any feedback and am willing to organize it. Also, if anyone is interested in helping me organize the meet up, I would be MORE than grateful! If you are interested in either co-hosting or just simply attending, please email me at, {or you can comment me} with your contact info and we can discuss ideas! I am really open to having it at any time also, but would love to shoot for the middle of February? Once again, totally open to any ideas or suggestions for location and dates!

I would love to get this up and running and look forward to hearing from you guys!

Much Love,

Chelsea Rose