Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Well my teacher friends, the time has finally come for me. The time that I never took seriously because it "never happens to me". The time that I read about on blogs, hear stories about from friends, and quietly sit and think "thank GOODNESS that time will never come for me!" I have actually come down with...wait for it....ready....THE FLU. Now let me just tell you, this has been extremely hard for me to accept because I have always prided myself on NEVER, I mean EVER being sick. I mean REALLY sick. Sure, I had stomach viruses when I was younger, and I get sinus infections just about every time the season changes, but never, have I EVER had the flu. Like, EVER. {yes I am 17 and love me a good Taylor Swift reference every now and then}...Wanna know the worst part? I can honestly say I have no one to blame but myself. {Another hard thing for me to accept.}

It all started last Friday morning when I thought I was coming down with another season's sinus infection. I had all the classic symptoms: interchangeably stuffy/runny nose, scratchy throat, and that little dry spot under my nose from blowing into a tissue 30 times a day ....all the while running around trying to accomplish the one million and a half things I had to do all weekend: get my hair done, work the gate at a high school basketball game, shop for throw pillows, do laundry, grocery, all the normal stuff...Moral of the story, I spent my entire weekend muttering my famous last words, "I don't have time to be sick", instead of resting and taking medicine, thinking that it would eventually go away on its own like it usually does. Well, guess what....IT DIDN'T! I went to bed at 9:30 last night thinking "this is it. All I have to do is go to bed early and this thing will finally be gone!" Well, guess what.... IT ISN'T! I woke up this morning feeling worse than ever and even tried to go into school, long enough to get sent home and get some sub plans together. All I can say, is thank GOODNESS for Amanda's Sub Tub and Rachelle's Substitute Survival Kit. I bought the survival kit last winter and won the sub tub in a giveaway last spring and even though I rarely take sick days, they have both come in handy for other reasons, and especially now!

Now I have to sit here and be mad at myself because I can't do anything!!  I have been quarantined to my little sick spot my sweet husband so wonderfully set up for me this morning while I was sleeping! He knows me all too well and knows that I get to a point where I simply CANNOT lay in bed for another second! I am definitely to that point, as of...6 hours ago! The icing on the cake? I AM MISSING THE 100TH DAY TOMORROW!!! I LOVE the 100th day and I am so terribly bummed that I won't be there to celebrate it with my little sweeties tomorrow! All the teachers are even going to dress like they are 100 and I, of course, will be sitting right here, in my hideous but ridiculously comfy chair-and-a-half feeling like I am 100 instead of looking like it! Me= NOT HAPPY!

Ok, enough with the pity party and shouty capitals. I promise I'm done, and I am going to accept this flu like a champ. On to more important things! I mentioned in my last post a possible Blogger Meet Up, and I think one is in place, so I will let you know more details as soon as I do! Also, since I am finally able to hold my head up for a longer period of time, I am hoping there will one positive to sitting in confinement tomorrow. I am hoping to catch up on the following things:

My Tuesday night shows that I missed last night while I was "Not having time to get sick" {Thank heavens for DVR} and had to throw last week's episode of Nashville in there because I never got time to sit down and watch it!
<------Yes.....I know I'm 12. Don't judge.

2. Blooming Into First Grade is getting a makeover! All thanks to  Dream Like Magic Blog Designs! So tomorrow, I'm hoping finally having time to sit down and figure it all out, whatever the reason may be, will allow me to actually get started on everything. Now, not sure how quality things will be until I can actually lift my head for more than the 10 minutes it has taken me to write this post, but just know, that it's all in progress!
Ok, I guess I really do have to try to get some more rest now, I promise I have actually learned my lesson this time!!

I hope you are all staying healthy, and please check back periodically for changes, and hopefully a new TPT store to go to!!

Much Love,

Chelsea Rose

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