Monday, January 2, 2012

Clutter Free Classroom Project

Happy New Year everyone!! I am sure everyone is suffering the same "back to school blues" that I am! Today is my last day of actual break, and then tomorrow we have professional development allllll day long! Don't get me wrong, I love getting new ideas and getting fun techiques and methods from a professional, but if I've gotta get up early, dress up, and be at school all day, I would much rather be teaching! However, I am SUPER pumped that I got my report cards and permanent record sheets done BEFORE break so all I really have to do is plans and my newsletter! {And yes, totally waiting until the last minute on that one!}

Anywho, I am very excited to be a part of Clutter Free Classroom's Clutter Free Classroom Project. I have been needing to declutter my classroom ALL YEAR! I know, you're thinking, "how much clutter can a 2nd year teacher possibly acquire??" Trust me, A LOT. That crazy 3-and-a-half week period between Thanksgiving and Christmas break was SO hectic this year, that I let my classroom get TOTALLY out of control. It's been driving me insane, so I am SO grateful to have found this challenge!

I think this will be a fun way to help motivate me to get my life in order!! There will be organizational challenges every Sunday and linky parties every Friday to share!! What a fun idea!!
For more information, visit the Clutter Free Classroom Project, where there is plenty of helpful information to join!

Well, that about does it for today, I am going to go bask in my last few hours of break by watching one of the MILLIONS of season dvds I received  bought myself for Christmas! :)

I hope you all had either a great first day back, or are enjoying your last few hours just like me! And if today is not your last day of freedom, well then...I hate you.
*TOTALLY* kidding, but seriously, I'm super jealous! :)

Much love,

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