Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Break and Blog makeover!!

Well my friends I managed to get through parent teacher conferences in one piece! I am officially now on fall break and while I LOVE my job, I have to say it was MUCH needed!! As you can see I m in the process of a new blog makeover!! I am still not quite sure how to navigate everything, so any feedbac you could give would be much appreciated!! I promise I will have much more teacher related and fun ideas on here once I get used to everything. Once again, any feedback you could offer to help get my blog going would be absolutely fabulous!!
Okay, one more thing that has absolutely nothing to do with teaching...

Remember that wonderful boyfriend that I mentioned who helped me cut all my pieces out for my door? Well he is now my wonderful FIANCE!! We got engaged last night and I couldn't be happier!! So now in addition to the craziness of being a first grade teacher, I now have a wedding to plan in the middle of it!!! But I am so excited about it! Anyways, I just had to get that out there!
So please let me know if you have any helpful feedback to help get my blog up and running!
Thanks and happy weekend!!!

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  1. Congratulations!!!! I am new to blogging as well :) Still trying to figure things out!!!