Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pumpkin Parade and Seeking Advice

Ok I know this is a day late, but as promised, here are my pictures from our Pumpkin parade! I think this is the absolute cutest project ever and all of my co-workers at my school fell in love with the idea as well! I have to give huge props to the parents who helped make these possible because let me tell you I would NEVER be able to come up with something as cool as some of these!! Anyway, here are a few cuties I thought I would share with you! There is more detailed descrption on Lauren's site Just Add Clipart, along with a parent letter to send home! Thanks again Lauren, and I hope you guys have as much fun looking at these as I did! :)

Being the huge Harry Potter nerd that I am, this was obviously one of my faves :)

See, I told you I would eventually get my life together! Ok, so it's still not quite what I would call "together", but its coming along! :) As if I'm not crazy enough, I am in the process of trying to ghet a TPT store together so once again, I have to cry out, HELP!! How does everyone make all these cute little worksheets and graphic organizers with such great fonts and clipart? Also, how do you get them uploaded? As you can see, my follower list is looking a little slim, so please spread the word! I would absolutely love some advice!! I am definitely hoping to get some of my work on here to share with you all and become an official part of the bloggy community!! Thanks so much and happy Thursday!:)

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