Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Holy moly I cannot believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I have posted!! I have been super busy with school, as Halloween festivities came and went, as well as other exciting things going on! We finally booked a venue and date for the wedding, and I will OFFICIALLY be a wife on October 13, 2012! I am so excited! AND, as if that wasn't enough excitement to handle, my first nephew was just born on Friday! He is the sweetest thing I have ever seen and I have been obsessed ever since!! Needless to say, I have been super crazy with everything going on and I am so sorry I have been such a slacker!

Now, back to the real reason for this thing. I hope everyone had a great time with all of their Halloween parties/activities/fun! From the looks of it, there are some incredibly adorable ideas floating around that I can't wait to swipe for next year! :) I had such a great time with my firsties during all of our festivities! Our Halloween party was a success thanks to some super fabulous mom volunteers! We had a great afternoon full of fun activities broken up into stations, super cute costumes, and of COURSE, some yummy treats! We also got a chance to do our Pumpkin Parade on Halloween! I snagged this idea from Lauren over at Just Add Clipart, and just fell in LOVE! My kiddos got SO into this! I will post pictures tomorrow I promise! Thanks to Lauren for such a cute and creative idea! :)

This week we are back in the swing of things and starting in on some of our early November activities. I just bought the Oh So Thankful Actvitiy Pack For November from Abby's TPT store and I am SO excited to start it next week! There are some crazy cute ideas in there and totally worth the money! A big thank you goes out to her! I will definitely post pictures tomorrow, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am alive, and I promise to get this thing into shape! Also, any feedback you can give would still be greatly appreciated, and I am still looking for a creative fix to my chatty/messy children problem, so any advice would be fabulous!! Have a great Tuesday, and I will definitely post pictures tomorrow! :)

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