Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holy Moly!!

Can you believe it?? Two posts in 3 days!! Check me out!! :)

I cannot believe how quickly the holiday season is coming along! I want it to slow down so I can have more fun with my firsties, but at the same time I am SOOOOO ready for Christmas break!! My kiddies have been W-I-L-D this week and to add to the chaos, our power went out yesterday!! We were in the middle of watching Rudolf to follow up with an activity and all of a sudden...BOOM the lights, tv, computers...everything goes blank!! I am sure you can imagine the insanity that broke loose! Thankfully, it was toward the end of the day so I didn't have to calm them down for that long...(not that it would have worked anyway :))

Anyway, my real reason for this post is to promote a giveaway at a new blog, Classroom Confetti. She is a student teacher and new blogger and since I can definitely relate, I thought I would help her out!! So go over and check her blog out and her fantastic giveaway!!

Classroom Confetti

And yes, I have great news! I think I have figured out how to get some of my work on here! Stay tuned this week and hopefully I will have it all up and running! If not, there will definitely be pictures so stay tuned anyway! :)

Have a great rest of the weekend and a fun last few days with your Holiday Crazed kiddies! I know I will! :)

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  1. Congratulations lady!! I have awarded you the Liebster Award, come over to my blog to check it out :o)

    Lisa G.