Thursday, December 22, 2011


So...I am FINALLLLLLY out for break!! And let me tell you, it is a MUCH needed break! Not that I don't love my job, students, or school...but a nice long vacation will definitely rejuvenate my nerves and allow me to be much more tolerable for the next semester. Yesterday was our Christmas party and let me just say...I felt as though a small hurricane blew through my room. It all started right after lunch when we had a SUPER awkward speaker come in and talk to our kids about being in Afghanistan. Now, he would have been humerous had he been speaking to a group of college or even high school students, but for K-6...totally inappropriate. So that was super uncomfortable, and then coming back to the classroom was when the chaotic mess  party began. We had an overwhelming amount of treats sent in, so you know the kiddos were WOUND.UP. I definitely couldn't have gotten through the madness without my super awesome parent volunteers. They broke the kiddos up into groups and did 4 different stations.
I have to give a HUGE shout out to my girl Rachelle over at What the Teacher Wants, for sharing her gifts for her Parent Volunteers. This was a HUUUUGE life saver as I have some really kick-butt room moms and other moms who come in to help! Thanks again Rachelle!
 It all worked out great, except for the following:
 1. The speaker took for-freaking-ever, so we were in a HUGE rush trying to get everything done..and let me tell you, hurry and 6-7 year olds DO NOT mix well.
 2. I accidentally forgot to go down to the fridge and get one of my student's treats he brought in, and he had a melt down at dismissal when he realized it.
3. the room was a H-O-T M-E-S-S when it was over

But the real icing on the cake was this. Are you ready for it? I KNOW you will love this one.
I had a parent send in 16 UNSTUFFED treat bags, and 16 ring pops for ME to put in the bags. {Because I had all the time in the world to do that} Here's the best part.... I HAVE 18 KIDS IN MY CLASS!!! I only put the number of kids in our class on all THREE of my notes about the party I sent home at three DIFFERENT times. Now how in the WORLD was I supposed to tell 2 FIRST GRADERS, "Oh, sorry kids, you two don't get one!"
Yea...REAL awesome. Needless to say those treat bags/ring pops are still in my supply closet. Thank goodness the little girl didn't notice!

Ok, whew. Sorry, I just had to vent.
All in all, the party was a success, it was just CUH-RAY-ZEE. And to top it all off, my little girl I told you guys about left. :( Yesterday was her last day and I couldn't even get the words out when I gave her the little present we made for her. The real kicker though was her little brother. He is in Kindergarten and is the sweetest little thing you will ever see. So at dismissal, in the lobby, he comes up to me in his little pajamas (we had a school-wide pajama day) and says, in the CUTEST little hispanic accent, "Miss Sims I will mees you", and gives me the biggest hug ever. Broke my heart!! So obviously I was a mess after school.
Let's just say...a break will be superrrr nice.

So let me leave you with this little question...what would YOU do if a parent in your room sent in treats for a party and didnt send the right number?

I realize that being a second year teacher, this is probably the mildest thing to go wrong, but I am just curious to see if anyone else would have handled it better because let me tell you, I am lucky she didn't notice because if she had, things would have gone a liiiiitttllle differently. So please please please let me know what you would have done in the situation because I would just love hearing all of your feedback and ideas!!

I hope you guys are enjoying your breaks, or in some cases, last few days of school... I know you guys all need a break just as much, if not more than I do! Much Love to all!!

P.S. You should definitely head on over to visit Hope at Second Grade Shenanigans. She is hosting an awesome giveaway so go check it out!! :)

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