Friday, February 1, 2013

The End to a Hectic Week, A Blast of Unexpected Snow, and a GIVEAWAY!

Wow! Where did all this snow come from?? I have to say, I was quite disappointed this morning when I heard the news of a SNOW DAY! Now normally, I am all about the snow days. I am usually that girl checking the news every morning in hopes of a snow storm somebody forgot to tell me about. However, today was going to be such a fun day! It is the end of Catholic Schools Week, so we were going to have a little "Sock-Hop" dance for the kiddos, AND we were supposed to have a teacher swap! The best part? The kids didnt know! It would have been so fun and my firsties are probably so disappointed to miss the sock-hop!
For the teacher swap, each teacher was placed in a grade level they were not quite familiar with. I was supposed to go to the 5th grade and the 3rd grade teacher was supposed to come to my room. I am DEFINITELY not familiar with 5th. Let me just tell you I have an ENORMOUS appreciation for all our 4th-9th grade teachers out there because I promise you I could NEVER do it! I think because I am not mature enough to handle the age group. All the attitudes and dirty looks, I'd just give it right back to them! {Which explains why I am in first, and not the upper grades!} So, the 5th grade teacher asked me to do something really kiddish with them to just have fun with and be little again. I decided to do a Groundhog Day mini-unit on making predictions {Even though now I will not get the chance to do it :(}. It also has a cute little craftivity in there. Which brings me to my next topic: A new item in my TpT store!

Now, this is my first item that will be for sale in my TpT store, so it might be a little rusty. I realize now it will be too late to use it, but you can always keep it for next year! Here is a little preview of what to expect in this mini-unit:

A fun Groundhog Craftivity!
"Do You Think The Groundhog Will See His Shadow?"

Some fun little worksheets to help them make predictions using their own words and pictures!
This will be up in my TpT store by the end of the day! AND since it's my very first product for sale, I will give THREE copies of this mini-unit to the first three comments before I post this in my store! Like I said, I know it's too late to use it now, but there's always next year! Just include your email address under your comment, and the first three will get this mini-unit for FREE! I know my blog is not very popular yet, so if you could spread the word, that would be FABULOUS! Thank you all so much, I truly couldn't do any of this without you! :)
Hope you are either enjoying your Friday at school or, if you're like me, in your PJs at home! Happy Weekend, Friends!
Much Love,


  1. I would love a free copy!

  2. This is an adorable groundhog activity! Just found your blog... love it! I'm your newest follower!

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